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Subir Kumar Das : Marketing and public relations

India: Mumbai; Posted: 10/Apr/2007


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Skills: Strategic selling, identifying new business opportunities, business development, pricing strategy, product positioning, market research,
Clients: Multinationals, National, Banks, Govt etc.
Education: Other from Masters in Commerce, Kanpur University; 5+ years experience.


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Focussing on marketing discipline in redeveloping its assumptions, concepts, skills, tools and systems, for making sound business decisions.

Designing the best marketing mix to make a sale and designing the best relationship mix for winning and keeping customers. Focussing on the major decisions to harmonize the objectives, core competencies, and resources of the organization with the needs and opportunities in the marketplace. Managing the Marketing Process and Marketing Planning.

Designing short-term and long-term sales/marketing strategies for entering and penetrating the global marketplace. Several years of rich experience in managing, controlling, organizing and leading human, financial and physical resources.

Global network. Creating and maintaining various strategic relationships with various large enterprise class vendors. Management and process creation. Extensive experience in hiring, leading, and managing business organizations. Gap analysis & risk assessment. Business development, strategic planning and market penetration change.

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