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Purpose of the site

Freelance BBS helps freelancers and their prospective employers find each other. Both categories of users can search the database of available projects or individuals as well as post new availabilities.

What kind of information can I find here?

There are ads from both the "freelancer" side and the "project manager/employer" side of the market. Ads from freelancers are structured as a resume. Ads from project managers are structured as announcements of particular projects for which they are hiring. Typically, you post in one category and search in the other.

Is it a free site?

Yes, the site is free. Users can post new ads, search for matching postings and access contact information - all of it free of charge.

Is it going to remain free forever?

We may develop additional (optional) commercial features in the future, but we still plan to keep the core site free.

How do I search your site?

There are two types of search. "Simple" search is more like category browsing (you pick the type of postings - e.g. freelancers and profession - e.g. design and simply leaf through the pages).

"Advanced" search is more precise. Of course, you also specify the type of posting and profession, but you can also look for specific keywords in the ad or require the ad to be posted recently (you can set how far to look into the past). Finally, the advanced search feature allows you to sort and present the results the way you prefer - there are several options for that.

How can I manage my postings?

After you post your ad (whether it's a resume or a job availability), you can make changes to it or delete it if necessary. To do that, log into your FreelanceBBS account and click on the "Edit" button in the main navigation bar (the scissors icon). You will see all your posting and pending ads. Click on the one you wish to edit or delete.

Who created this site?

The site is created by Gromco Inc. One of our goals is to help freelancers and small businesses solve their most typical IT- and outsourcing- related problems. On our web sites we provide concise, specific, well-structured and practical information. Two other small-business-oriented sites we have are (helping small businesses choose an Internet Service Provider) and (helping understand different options for hosting a web site).

Common Sense Legal Note

While we attempt to monitor the contents of this site, we can't guarantee or support any claims made by users. If you are an employer, you are responsible for verifying that the person has skills he or she claims to possess. If you are a freelance worker, we encourage you to research the company that's hiring you. In no event will gromco be liable for any damages, losses or expenses caused directly or indirectly by the use of information displayed on this site.
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