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Judith Bosau-Allen : Other services

US: other locations; Posted: 14/Sep/2006


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Skills: teaching,research, writing, editing, proofreading, copyediting, indexing books
Clients: Dr. Leonne Hudson, and my duties at the various institutions at which I have taught
Education: Master of Arts from University of Akron; 5+ years experience.


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I actually am All But Dissertation in the Ph.D. degree, which puts me much further beyond an MA.

This means that I have a vast experience as a wordsmith. Prior to my academic pursuits, I spent several years in the executive secretarial field, which is also working with the English language.

You will find my name as a proofreader listed in the Acknowledgements page of the book, The Odyssey of a Southener, by Dr. Leonne Hudson. He has offered me the job of editing his next book, along with creating the book's index.

A paper I presented at a professional conference elicited inquiries from two separate organizations regarding publishing the work in article form;I am currently writing to transform the paper into an article for one of the two academic journals...

I would be happy to submit a professional Vita or samples of my work to anyone who would like to view them.

I am skilled and comfortable in researching both primary and secondary information. I have spent many hours in state and national archives, as well as dealing with local institutions and libraries.

My eleven years of teaching experience have covered a variety of history topics for three separate institutions. I consider myself to be an educator who can also serve as such in the mental health field, as well as could serve as a motivational speaker; I have been motivating young adults for the past eleven years.

In addition, I would be equally comfortable researching,writing,editing--in short, performing all of the above services in the context of Christian theology.

My prices vary as to the type of service required. I also have reduced rates for graduate students.

My projects of preference involve using my talents listed above. I am skilled in and enjoy all of them

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