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Glenn Green : Security and investigation

US: Phoenix; Posted: 20/Jun/2008


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Skills: graphic design
Clients: all
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Education: [ no degree ] ; 5+ years experience.


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If you want to achieve better editing and picture quality and graphics that look like they jump off the page,please visit my site and you will find what you need,then download and go to work! I've been a musician for several years and spent a lot of time on the road throughout the United States. When audio c.d's came onto the market,it allowed musicians to go to the garage and make their own songs and ,wala,the're own c.d's. When a band ,then created ten or twelve songs that sounded really good,they ended up with a bright shinny cd with no label.Then we started making cd labels with scizzers. Later some paper companies started selling us preformed labels that we would would write on ,or later type the title of our cd and the list of songs we had on that cd to make what we now call albums.Later on we started robbing pictures any way we could.We used pictures we had developed at the local photo shop or used an artist to make something up. We didn't want to make close-ups because,if our hair was too grey,it was too late to dye it.If our shirt didn't match the band member standing next to us,it was too late to change it.If we ended up with a red spot on our eyes,there was no way to change/fix it.So, if you want to make cd covers,better pictures,or learn how,just visit my site! thank you.

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