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Dave Connolly : Graphic & multimedia design

EU: other locations; Posted: 22/Apr/2008


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Skills: Flash Animation & design. Actionscript coding
Clients: BBC, Aardman, ITV, Hallmark, Warner Music, American Greetings, Orange, FirstPlus.
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Education: Bachelor of Arts from Soton University, UK; 5+ years experience.


per day rate $300


Six years industry experience, ranging from web games to animated TV series.

Credits include: 'Star Street': Design, Storyboards & Animation, 2007-2008 ( 'P.H. Prison Diaries': Design, Storyboards & Animation, 2007 ( Nicquitin Interactive TV Menu : Storyboarding & Animation, 2007 (Weapon7) 'Adventures of Big Jeff': Animator, 2005 (Aardman/Hutchinson Media) 'Planet Sketch': Animator, 2005 (A Productions for ITV) 'Pop Skool': Animator, 2003-2004 (Fictitious Egg for BBC1) 'The State We're In': Flash Animator, 2002 (Fictitious Egg for BBC3)

Skill set includes: Flash Animation & design, Actionscript coding, banner ad design, storyboarding, character design, Photoshop, Illustrator and more.

Based in Bristol, England.

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