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other world locations; Posted: 05/Aug/2007


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Skills: Italian,English,French>Arabic Translator
Education: Bachelor of Science from Engineering faculty-Alexandria University; 2-5 years experience.


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ITALIAN,ENGLISH,FRENCH>Arabic Translation English into Arabic Translation Qualified,professional and Reliable

I am an Electrical engineer with a sound knowledge of Italian, French and English languages. Beside my scientific study, I have great inclination for social sciences, literature, politics and history. I work now as a freelance translator for different translation agencies in Europe,in USA and in Egypt. I have translated : -Contracts. -Commercial correspondence, -Education,Pedagogy. - Tourism web sites, - Marketing:Advertizing,Brochures,Surveys. - Chemical, cosmetic and medical products advertisement, -Health&Safety:instructions to handle toxic materials. - Manuals of use and maintenance for various machineries and equipment. -Short stories. -Web sites Localization. ... and more...

I am a very keen translator,seeking to perfection.I spare no time or effort to produce the highest quality degree.I am a dedicated,hard working person and self-motivated.I am also responsible and goal oriented. I am committed to providing high translation quality.

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