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Vidhya Srinivasan : Software development

India: other locations; Posted: 15/Sep/2006


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Skills: Java,J2EE,JSP,Servlet,Struts,EJB,XML,XSLT,JavaScript
Clients: OMG(USA)
Sample URLs: http://
Education: Master of Science from Bharathiar University; 2-5 years experience.


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Expertise Summary: ? 2 years of experience in Development, Enhancement and Implementation of Web based applications. ? Worked in Java, EJB, JSP, Servlets, Swing, JDBC, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, Struts and Web Services. Professional Experience:

Ivesia Software Solutions (I) Pvt.Ltd, Chennai, India Oct 2005 to Present Programmer Analyst Responsibility includes front-end designing, programming the business logic and writing stored procedures. Interacted with the client and fixed the major critical issues and implemented the new changes.

[a] One Bundle Sales track for Objective Management Group, USA. Feb 06 ? present Project Description: The objective of the Sales track system is to manage and track the selling activities of sales persons. The module I involved in Sales track is Qualifiers. Qualifiers are a collection of questionnaires, which can be used by the salespersons to review the process they are following when engaged with a prospective customer. Technologies Used: ? Servlet is used as Controller to control multiple JSP pages. During runtime Controller dispatches the requests to the appropriate JSP. ? Session, Entity Bean are used for performing business logic. Session Bean is invoked from JSP through remote call. EntityBean is wrapped within the Session Bean to reduce the transaction time. Thus to implement this Session Fašade design pattern is used. EntityBean makes the necessary JDBC calls to the PostgreSQL.Hashtable and Vector are the collections used to store the data that is fetched from the database. ? XML Document is used to transfer the temporary data from JSP to Entity Bean. DOM Parser is used to build XML Document. ? XSLT is used for designing the GUI (View). Also the XML content is parsed and displayed in the web browser. ? JavaScript is used for client-side validation which gets executed when an event is triggered in XSLT.Also JavaScript is used to pass the data to the Controller. ? Thus a tailored-made MVC architecture called ETG Framework is implemented in Qualifier Module. ? Multiple XML Documents are built in the JSP layer and by transforming those data, effective reports are generated.

Environment: PostgreSQL, Core Java, EJB, Servlet, JSP, XML, XSLT, Session Facade Design Pattern and ETG Architecture.

[b] CRM ? Synchronization for Objective Management Group, USA. Oct 05 ? Jan 06 Project Description: The objective of CRM Sync Tool is to synchronize the CRM database records to the User-Defined folders in Outlook and vice versa. Technologies Used: ? A single Java class is made to act as a controller to control the multiple Java Classes. This Controller handles request dispatching. ? Server-side Java classes makes the necessary JDBC calls to the backend and stores the result set in Hashtable.All the classes are exposed to Web Services by manually converting the Java Classes in to the WSDL files and making the appropriate entry in WSDD deployment descriptor. During deployment the necessary information about the services is obtained. ? COM methods are invoked by the Client-side Java classes with the help of Jacob.dll.Hence the data are transformed from PostgreSQL to Microsoft Outlook. Environment: PostgreSQL, Java Swings, XML, Web Services

Integer Software Solutions (I) Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore, India Aug 2004 to Sep 2005 Software Engineer

[a] Sales And Distribution Module (ERP) for Adrenalin, Chennai. Feb 05 ? Sep 05.

Responsible for programming the middleware using EJB and Worked with Struts front-end to implement the GUI interface. The framework is being used in production on multiple applications within the Enterprise environment. Developed Struts examples and proof of concepts that were used by the junior programmers to learn how to use the Struts framework. As Java developer assisted in evaluating current in-house MVC framework and providing examples and feedback on how to migrate to a standardized Struts environment Engaged in ERP Project Team to acquire the domain knowledge

Project Description: ? A customer submits an inquiry to ascertain whether stock of the particular product is available, product cost, and whether it is available by a certain deadline. This inquiry represents a request for a sales quotation from the customer. The component also covers functions for rush orders and cash sales. If the required quantity is not available, the system automatically determines the date on which the material will be available again, and when the goods will reach the customer. The system offers delivery proposals for selection by the user. ? Reports Generated are 1) Order Received 2) Pending Orders 3) Material Stock

Environment: Eclipse IDE, Struts Framework (Servlets and JSP) with Oracle, EJB, and Web Logic 7.1 Application Server [b] Pharmacy Sales Order, Billing and Inventory Management Package for Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. Aug 04 ? Jan 05. Responsibility includes Analysis, Coding in Servlets with database connections. Responsible for developing and handling Business Logic.

Also served as trainer/instructor for other Java Development Consultants. Hands-on training experience included classes in Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), Custom Tags, JavaBeans, JDBC, EJB and J2EE Enterprise Architecture. Project Description:

? Developed a Software package to manage Sales-Orders Management, Inventory Management and the MIS reports. The Sales Order Management catered to the daily Orders received from the Customers and tracking the Sales orders. All the Sales Orders generated are invoiced through the Billing system developed for the client. The Inventory Management is to generate the Stock Report at any point of time for each of the Medicine sold.

? The MIS Report covered the Daily and Monthly Stock of each to the Medicine including the Opening Balance, Sales, Receipts and Closing Balance. And also developed a Report to fetch the Annual Sales per Item.

Environment: Eclipse IDE, Struts Framework (Servlets and JSP) with Oracle, Tomcat Server Indian Space Research Organization (ISAC), Bangalore, India. Dec 03 ? Jul 05 Trainee Programmer

Normal Mode Software Simulation GUI for ISRO, Bangalore. Dec 03 ? Jul 05 Responsible for full life cycle Java Development within J2EE Applications using Servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaBeans, and JDBC.


Simulating graphs for Cartosat-1/2 series of Satellites and Creating the Text Editor. The Text Editor is mainly designed to facilitate the authorized users to access the files in a secured way and thus prevents abuse. The graph is generated as per the user?s input and the option for multiple graph displayals are also provided. The Log File and Program Maintenance facilities have also been incorporated. The use of this GUI package is to get the simulation results through the developed interface having the coding details hidden.

Environment: The programming was done using OpenGL, C and Java concepts and the designing phase was embedded with concepts of Motif, JSP, Servlets and JDBC

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