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Ruchi Goel : Software development

India: other locations; Posted: 03/Jan/2008


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Skills: Visual Basic
Clients: GE Money
Education: Master of Science from U.P.Technical University; 2-5 years experience.


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4.5 years of experience in software development Currently working with GE-SBI as System Analyst


·Operating system: Windows ·Languages: C,C++,VB,VBA,VB.Net,XML ·Web-Technologies: HTML, VB Script, ASP, Visual Interdev for ASP ·Databases: SQL-SERVER, Sybase, Oracle ·Tool: SAS (Code Understanding)


GESBI gurgaon May 2004 - Till date System Analyst

Achievements: ·Understood SBI month end reporting strategies from business point of view. ·Understood SBI Credit Card working on RISK & Collection Basis. ·Understood Tele calling business using various MIS and reports. ·Understood CIBIL functionality using CIBIL Data decryption module. ·Direct dealing with the clients working for SBI. ·Independently created application for the monthend reports of SBI Credit Cards. ·Integrated MS-Office's technologies with Visual Basics. ·Created and optimized the stored procedures in SQL-server, which earlier, used to be executed manually through some business logics. ·Studied the code written in SAS and created stored procedures in SQL-SERVER. ·Integrated database-updating procedures with the application. ·Implement integrity checks for the monthend updations for the SBI credit Cards. ·Understood basic working of SAS codes using previous SBI reports. ·Integrated XML in Visual Basic code.

Ascomp Technologies(P)Ltd.,Rajendra Palace Software Developer Nov 2003 ? Apr 2004

Achievements: ·Understanding of sales and purchase module. ·Understanding of reporting of these modules. ·Web site development

XO InfoTech (P) Ltd., Gurgaon Software Developer June 2003 ? Oct 2003

Achievements: ·Managed the Internal and external web sites for the organization. ·Created a Web-Services to perform uploading and downloading data between the databases. ·Contributed in designing (web and database). ·Learnt and implemented the e-mail facility (using ASP mail). ·Created Financial module for a hospital. ·Managed ERP module for organization related to maintenance of company?s manufacturing plant.

STRENGTHS ·Ability to manage change with ease. ·Good in problem solving, coordination and analysis. ·Good communication, learning and organizing skills matched with the ability to manage stress, time and people effectively. ·Sincere towards work. PROJECTS HANDLED

Project: Risk Month end reporting System May2004-Oct2005 Language: Visual Basic, VBA and XML Role: Analyst & Developer Database: SQL-SERVER Tool: SAS

Project description:

Created a VB application that generates the month-end reports (For SBI Credit card). This application uses Microsoft Office tools like MS-Excel, MS-Word applications in which the desired report is generated. All these operations are managed through VB code. Created stored procedures in SQL for SBI report on the basis of SBI report logic. Implement monthend updating procedures and integrity checks with the application. Created VB modules on the basis of SBI report logic using SAS code for monthend and Peak SBI reports. Working on CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited) Module for data decryption using CIBIL standard for data decryption strategies.


·Interacted with client to study client requirements and workflow and documented them. ·Created the backend SQL database to maintain all the information ·Created the Graphic User Interface using Visual Basic and SQL queries and stored procedures to display store and access the database. ·Created assessment reports as required for regular committee meetings. ·Wrote codes to generate reports according to business logic used by SBI. ·Analyses CIBIL data for decryption and understood CIBIL decryption strategies with business experts.

Project: Collection MIS Systems Nov2005-May2007 Role: Analyst & Developer Language: Visual Basic Database: Sybase Tool: SAS

Project description:

GE-SBI Collection MIS Systems is a telecalling application developed in Visual Basic, ASP and uses Sybase & SQL Server as backend. This application uses Microsoft Office tools like MS-Excel, MS-Word applications for reporting and XML for standard information of business.

GE-SBI Collection MIS Systems is for all the MIS and reports of Dialer (SBI telecalling tool) on the basis of Agent, Account Holder, on different business strategies and on complete Dailer database. Application uses complex frontend for business strategies and backend queries and stored procedures for database access.


·Developed the entire Font-end (user interface) part of the system. ·Analyzed and created database for the entire MIS module. ·Responsible for any code releases done on to the live servers. ·Worked on various new enhancements on the system that involved requirements ·XML integration for SBI standered informations. ·Enhancing project for various location of GE Money. ·Enhancing Intranet site for the current MIS and reports of the system.

Ascomp Technologies (P) Ltd, Rajendra Palace Nov2003-Apr2004 Project: e-Reckoner Role: Developer Technology:ASP Database:SQL-SERVER Client:Ceval, Unitech Ltd. Project Description:

EReckoner is a generalized system. Reckoner now offers an innovative ebusiness Solution, eReckoner that augments Reckoner Commerce or ERP to enable users to manage their business transactions on the Net. EReckoner is one of the rare Process-based web solutions in the market, covering the entire Order to Cash cycle through the web. ROLE:

·Understand current system and enhance as per client requirement. ·Worked on Sales and purchase modules of e-Reckoner ERP. ·Handling post sales issues like change request. ·Customer Interaction and analysis of specific needs. ·Web development and enhancement. ·Parallel support.

XO InfoTech (P) Ltd., Gurgaon Jun2003-Aug2003

Project:Hospital Payroll System Aug2003-Oct2003 Role:Analysis, Coding & Debugging Client:Tulsi Hospital, Meerut Technology:Visual Basic Database:MS Access

Project description

A project made for Tulsi Hospital Merrut. It handles various activities of Hospital like Patient sign-in & sign-out process, Patients medical data collection process. Appointment Scheduler Management, Patient Record Management & Calculation of amount that the patient has to pay at his discharge. It keeps record of all the expenses incurred on the patient?s treatment. It also keeps record of the Salaries of the staff working there and history and specialization of the doctors orking their and other necessary requirements of hospital automation.


·Understand system requirement and create front end for the system. ·Creating database for the system and optimized queries for data extraction. ·Understand system and create flow design and documents. ·Report Development. ·Coding and testing. ·Parallel support.

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