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Juliane Block : Graphic & multimedia design

US: New York City; Posted: 22/Sep/2007


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Skills: Print Graphic design for entertainment, events, music, clubs etc.
Clients: dragon-i (Hong Kong), Conrad Electronics (Germany & Hong Kong), East-West Magazine (Vietnam), Gwen McCrae (USA), JR Mayer Collection (Thailand), Red Bull (Germany), Unilever / Langnese (Germany), Volkswage Autostadt (Germany)
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Education: Master of Arts from University of Arts, Braunschweig; 5+ years experience.


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Core Competencies Production, Screenplays, Direction and Art Direction for feature film. Communication design related to events, movies, party series and musicians or any other entertaining products.

Mission The formative days Fresh out of school and attracted by its blend of art and science, I decided to major in architecture. I did a 2 year apprenticeship in an architect?s office and sat for examination as Technical Drawer in 1998? but ended up thereafter in the University of Art, Braunschweig Germany with a different major (Industrial Design).

1999 I began my collaboration with Marc Fehse while still in university. He was working on his independent horror feature Mutation and invited me to participate. I was hooked. Driven by my passion for special effects make-up I discovered a passion for movie making in general which drew me deeper and deeper into the film biz. Having found my niche, I partnered with Marc to set up a design & film agency.

2000-2005 - Design & film agency Das Fragment Besides a wide range of industrial movies, documentaries and all kinds of communication design we still found the time for special projects that allowed expression of our core skills: The 35 min short Killerbus, shot on 16mm, released on DVD in Germany & Austria in April 2004 (the Director's Cut released on DVD in November 2004) ?and the 90 min feature K7B - Mutation Director's Cut, released on DVD in Germany & Austria in January 2005 to name the most important ones.

2003 - Graduation from the University of Art, Braunschweig Germany (Diplom Designer, Project: I graduated with a major in production design (short Killerbus).

2005 Departure to Asia (Hong Kong) Entering 2005, the big hole in my resume was adequate experience outside of Germany. Deeply fascinated by the Asian culture, I sold everything I had and after ensuring that all ships were burnt and there could be no turning back, I moved to Hong Kong in the first quarter of 2005.

After three tough months employed in a graphic design sweat-shop, I set myself up as an independent graphic designer and succeeded.

2006 Bread and Butter ( My current portfolio includes clients in Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the US and prospects from even more countries. It's a small world now and the Internet has vanquished the tyranny of time and space for my kind of work.

2007 Back to my passion - making movies (

Unsecured loan: I produced, wrote and directed a 10minutes gangster flick based on a short story of my brother. Through the short movie I started to collaborate with Adrian Lai and Aliff Zulkifli with more projects to come.

Free Ashes: The story of two rival lovers; two women from different cultures and races (American and Chinese) who manage to turn their relationship into an extraordinary friendship. I write and direct this story in collaboration with a Czech currently based in Malaysia. The movie will be shot in January 2008 with a multicultural team in Ipoh, Malasyia. (

I dedicate the coming years to entertaining people. Juliane

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