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Kukum Bakshi : Software development

India: New Delhi; Posted: 19/Jul/2007


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Skills: Powerbuilder, Sybase
Education: Other from University of Rajasthan; 2-5 years experience.


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EXPERIENCE AND SKILL SUMMARY Overall, experience of 4.5+ years involved in the system design, development and implementation stages of various projects as Software developer Last role was of Analyst Programmer with Fidelity Business Services India Pvt Ltd. Extensive expertise in designing, coding and testing of variety of software applications using Power Builder 6.5, 7.0,8.0 and EAServer. Languages/Framework: PowerBuilder, EAServer Databases: Sybase O.S. Environment: Win 95/98/2000/XP

MAJOR PROJECTS DONE (with last two organizations)

Report Processing Automation - IMPART IMPART system produces the performance reports of the funds, the reports being called as Quarterly Investment Review and Monthly Investment Review. The objective of the project is to develop an automated activity within the system that provides the clients of Fidelity with these monthly and quarterly reports. Focusing on the Performance reporting, the process prior to the implementation of the automation process was manual. Interaction with the system is slow and the functionality that allows them to monitor the readiness of any report takes longer to run than running the report itself to check that the relevant sections are complete, as a result the system is again burdened with multiple reports run to service a single client and the inevitable impact on performance. The business purpose of this project is to see the manual interaction in the creation of performance reports eliminated wherever possible and the process improved. The project asked for the automated generation of the reports, automated storage of the reports on different locations and dispatch of the Investment Review reports to the clients through emails. Client: Fidelity Investments, UK Tools/Technologies Used: PowerBuilder, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5, Quark/Link Up Duration: 7 months

Report Processing Automation - ICRS ICRS (Institutional Client Reporting System) is an application which serves the needs of Institutional team. This team looks after the institutional funds and the performance of these funds. The Monthly (MAR) and Quarterly (QAR) Administration Reports for the institutional funds are produced via the ICRS system and these cover both investment administration and the performance of the fund(s) the client invest in. The data in the reports is downloaded from Invest1 overnight on a daily basis and signed off at each month end by the Cash Analysis Team (CAT), in preparation for the Client Information Delivery Team (CID) to process the reports for issuing to our clients via email and/or hardcopy. Currently this is a very manually intensive exercise, involving a number of individual steps that involves re-running reports on systems multiple times just to service a single client. The project aimed at removing the manual intervention of the manual review of Access database for the monitoring of the signed-off receipts for the funds before manually running any required Administration reports on ICRS. The reports were to be saved in 2 formats viz. PDF and Postscript formats. The PDF copies were to be stored on different locations which would be different network drives. The addresses of these drives were to be maintained by the users and the system would pick these addresses from the database. The Postscript copy was required to be sent to a team for printing and distribution to the client. The reports whether hard copies or soft copies (through emails) were to be sent to clients who required these. It was possible to turn off the automation feature. Client: Fidelity Investments, UK Tools/Technologies Used: PowerBuilder v9.0, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 Duration: 6 months

UKEquityDiscipline The UK Equity Discipline is used by the Institutional clients to boost performance in the funds by taking advantage of investment opportunities outside of the concentrated UK benchmark and to reduce the stock specific risk for FTSE 350 stocks. This project would allow Institutional accounts with UK mandates, to invest up to 20% of those total net assets outside of the UK. for both pooled and segregated accounts. The project will allow this facility to be offered to both pooled and segregated accounts. For the purposes of reporting activities, the overseas stocks which are invested into under the UK portion of the mandate, would then be reported as UK stocks. The business objective of the project was to change the ICRS Reports to support the changes with regard to the reclassification of Non-UK holdings and transactions, for both benchmark and segregated clients and appropriate disclosure headings. The existing Auto-cross functionality was to be enhanced to account for the identified report configuration changes which impacts the high level functionality as Internal report cross checks and Invest1 OLE Cross Checks. The existing Sub Portfolio Accounting (SPA) functionality was to be enhanced to correctly reflect both the holding and transaction positions, in line with the project?s requirements from the underlying subs to the top level account. Client: Fidelity Investments, UK Tools/Technologies: PowerBuilder v9.0, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Duration: 6 months

Cross Check Travel - GEMINI This application caters to the needs of travel agencies. The client is Cendant Travel Distribution Services who in-turn provides this application to BTI ? Australia. This application serves the purpose of developing booking files. Functionality of downloading from Host, which is the GDS and uploading of the booking files to GDS, is provided in the application. The system also generates reports as required by the users?. Client: Cendant Travel Distribution Services, Australia Tools/Technologies Used: PowerBuilder 8.0, Adaptive Sybase Anywhere 8.0

Corporate Travel Information Mart This application generates some files, which are of utmost importance with respect to the accounting aspect. The data from Cross Check Travel is transferred to CTIM Database after some processing has been done to it. This application generates the reports and extracts files useful from accounting purposes. Client: Cendant Travel Distribution Services, Australia Tools/Technologies Used: PowerBuilder 8.0, SQL Server

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