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Luis Leote : Translation

other world locations; Posted: 23/Jul/2007


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Skills: English-Portuguese
Education: Other ; 5+ years experience.


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Education English Prep school Army school/Academy Technical: IBM 360/20 and 30 Programming RPG and Assembler

Languages: -fluent Portuguese- written and spoken -fluent English - written and spoken -fluent French - spoken -Spanish - spoken -Italian understood

Professional experience: 1964-1971 IBM programmer for 1401 and 360/20/30, Assembler and RPG 1972-1979 Manager of own candle factory and craft sales business 1979-1989 Traffic Officer at TAP - AirPortugal 1989-2003 Freelance cinema-production assistant/manager/transport/locations 2003-2006 Freelance real-estate sales rep. 2006-2007 Freelance English-Portuguese translator

Skills: 40 years Office and organization skills 19 years computer and internet experience: Windows, MS Office, PSPro, Networks, etc... 35 years experience as an oil-painting restorer 20 years experience an experimental ceramist 5 years of English-Portuguese simultaneous translation. 2 years professional English-Portuguese translator

Availability: Presently available for freelance work, if unrelated to MLM, pyramid sales schemes, traffic-builders, PPC, PPR, etc.. Time available: up to 10 hours daily

Goal: Achieving excellence in translating English to Portuguese.

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