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Frederique A. Marcou : Translation

EU: Athens; Posted: 11/Jan/2007


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Skills: GUI / software, database & web support systems & updating: (CAT) translation.
Clients: You can review a substantial body of my work by visiting Spamfighter Aps (link below) which includes translations of the range of security software, as well as web support systems into the Greek language.
Sample URLs:
Education: Other ; 5+ years experience.


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I am an experienced translator for any combination of Greek, French and English languages and also do design graphics for web, print and software. I like my work and I have never missed a deadline. I hope to see you at the web site which my partner in life Vion Sandor (Graphic Artist and Painter)and I have created. Graphic artists, artists and writers are invited to submit and display their work. A feature of the site is a classified ad section where people can submit ads concerning the job market, both in Greece and internationally, free of charge. Articles about the latest technology trends and news and even a section devoted to animals. We are quite proud of it although it still needs work.

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