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Adrienne Cooksey : Film & video

US: Los Angeles; Posted: 13/Nov/2006


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Skills: Rights clearance, editorial/rights research
Clients: AOL, Disney, Warner Bros.
Education: Bachelor of Arts from Catholic University of America; 5+ years experience.


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ADRIENNE C. COOKSEY 661/266-8862 ? home, 661/330-2147 ? cell, 661/273-6870 ? fax, -- e-mail

Work Experience: In the role of researcher and clearance administrator, the following are skills I have acquired to successfully perform the duties associated with these positions.

Research: ?Provide visual images to support research. ?Research copyright holders for musical compositions and master sound recordings. ?Serve as liaison to major archives and libraries for source material. ?Build initial footage/production library (for documentaries). ?Research domestic/international film location sites and negotiate fees and services for film shoots. ?Manage art/image and scout database systems. ?Research biographical information. ?Manage and catalog research materials.

Clearance: ?Facilitate all clearance for all third-party materials acquired including print, film/video, still photography, music, artwork, literary and trademark content. ?Research appropriate rights holder to secure permission for image use. ?Negotiate licensing fees and services for use of archival material with commercial and private sources. ?Obtain talent permission for use of likeness/image and voice. ?Monitor past clearances for renewal. ?Track and record licensing expenditures. ?Facilitate billing of licensing and re-options. ?Develop and manage clearance status tracking system. ?Work closely with company legal staff regarding clearance policy and procedure. ?Draft permission documentation.


(2005 ? Present) Stream America, Inc. Clearance Consultant, Footage/Stills Researcher Mechanical Bride (Feature Length documentary film)

(2005 ? 2006) Disney Educational Productions, LLC. Clearance Consultant The Eyes of Nye (Re-license of PBS Children?s Science Series for Educational Market)

(2005 ? 2006) America Online, Inc. Clearance Consultant

(2004 ?2005) StoryPoint Productions, Inc. Clearance Coordinator The Story Of? (TV-One Network) 8 One-Hour documentary series Behind the Scenes Specials (TV-One Network)

(2004 -- 2004) June Beallor Productions Film and Image Researcher DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION, 2004 Films: In Memoriam, Famous Democrats

(2004-2004) Timothy Blake Productions, Inc. Film Researcher, Clearance Administrator

(2004 ? 2004) On the Cover, Inc. On The Cover (PAX, Game Show) Clearance Coordinator ?Pitch concept to potential publishers and rights holder regarding intellectual property. ?Acquire and secure covers to various publications, game boards, DVD, CDs and other media.

(2003 - 2003) People Soft Corporation (Non-Broadcast Industrial) Film Researcher

(2003 - 2003) Jan B. King Group Permissions Administrator ?Secure permission for third-party content included in book for release January 2004.

(2002 - 2003) Clearance House/Flix Mix Music Clearance Coordinator ?Obtain additional music licensing for new media and technology rights for the Universal Pictures library.

(2001 ? 2001) Quisic Corporation E-learning company specializing in corporate training. Award-winning Internet Company. Clearance Coordinator ?Facilitate all clearance for acquired content for online courseware and marketing campaigns.

(2001 -- 2001) Touchstone Television Productions Walt Disney Company, Inc. (ABC), The Beast, primetime series Stock Footage/Talent Clearance Coordinator

(2000 ? 2001) Nash Entertainment Discovery Communications, Inc./The Learning Channel (TLC) Best Kept Secrets, 10-part reality-based series Film/Image Researcher and Clip Clearance Coordinator ?Provide network with final accounting and record of all clearance correspondence for series.

(1999 ? 2000) Goldfarb and Koval Productions Devillier Donegan Enterprises (DDE)/Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) The Roman Empire in the First Century, 4-part documentary series. Associate Producer ?Book talent for on-air interviews. ?Acquire props, costumes and other visuals for dramatization sequences. ?Serve as liaison to executive producers and experts/advisors for series.

(1997 ? 1999) Robert Guenette Productions The Wolper Organization/Warner Bros./Cable News Network (CNN) Celebrate the Century and Legends, Icons and Superstars Two 10-part documentary series on the history of the 20th century. Lead Film and Image Researcher, Clearance Administrator

(1994 - 1996) KCET-TV, Public Broadcasting Service, Los Angeles, CA (PBS) British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) George F. Peabody and Alfred I. DuPont Award-Winning Series The Great War: And the Shaping of the 20th Century Episode 2: Stalemate, Episode 3: Total War (8-part series) Associate Producer ?Consult with historians/scholars, international archive representatives, researchers and broadcast partners. ?Monitor and provide Producer with the production schedule and budget status. ?Obtain on-air talent for character voice performance.

EDUCATION: B.A., Drama, 1982, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

SKILLS: *Microsoft Word and Excel for Windows *File-Maker Pro Database Program *Nexis/Lexis *Quickbooks

VOLUNTEER: NAACP Image Awards, Talent Coordinator (1988, 1989)

References Available Upon Request

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