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Calvin Cui : Software development

China: Beijing; Posted: 28/Oct/2006


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Skills: Java, C++, Database
Clients: netease
Sample URLs: ;
Education: Bachelor of Science from Beijing Information Technology Insititute; 5+ years experience.


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Master java programming, have a deep understanding of Java system, including JVM theory and practice. Experienced in Java I/O technologies, multi-threading, network programming, P2P programming (JXTA), SOAP and XML processing, JMS, JDO (Java Data Object), Java template (apache velocity), system security and network security.

Master network programming, sophisticated in high concurrency network application server architect and implementation. Have a very good understanding of TCP and UDP, experienced in application server developing, including application gateway, proxy, XML over TCP/UDP application server. Also, implement some complicated network known issues, such as distributed data synchronization, multi-peer auto discovery and collaboration.

Solid understanding of C programming language, experienced in Enterprise C development and familiar with structured design and implementation.

Master system architecture, knowledge of light weight application framework, including apache web-based projects, SUN?s middleware, spring framework and some enterprise application servers, such as BEA?s Weblogic and IBM?s WebSphere.

Master leading edge framework concepts and practice, including IoC, AOP, SOA. And can implement or using existing framework in both Java and C programming languages.

Knowledge of scripting language, such as perl and bash programming.

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